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The Cologne Media Award 2012

The Cologne Media Award is an open international award for journalists. There are no restrictions concerning age, nationality or whatever.

The Cologne Media Award is sponsored by RheinEnergie AG and organized in close cooperation with the Kölner Journalistenschule für Politik und Wirtschaft e. V. (Cologne Journalism School). The media partners include representatives of the print media and TV and radio stations, who have an editorial office in Cologne.

The Cologne Media Award was presented for the first time in 2000. It is the first and only award of this kind in Cologne. The objective of the sponsors is to promote good journalism and to encourage journalists to handle their work in a professional and responsible way.

The invitation to enter the competition is issued every two years.

The entries submitted are judged by a jury made up of representatives from different sectors of the media, the management of the Cologne Journalism School and one representative of the sponsor.

There is just one restriction as far as the themes are concerned: The entries must be clearly associated with Cologne.
The contributions can be in form of news reports, features or some other creative piece of journalistic work. Series can also be submitted. Books and songs are excluded from participation.
These criteria apply to the categories

Accepted are published entries of a freelance or salaried journalist, editor, TV and radio author and press photographer of print media, TV and radio stations.

In the TV category, the award can honour the achievement not only of the author but also of the production team (camera, editing, sound).

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